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2018 Mercedes-Benz SLC Seattle, WA

2018 SLC Performance

Living underneath the hood of the 2018 Mercedes-Benz SLC are a pair of engines that have both been designed to optimize performance. Whether you choose the 2.0L turbo-4 or the AMG®-infused biturbo V6, you're sure to receive a driving experience unlike any other. The 2.0L turbo-4 is capable of cranking out up to 241 horsepower, and drivers looking for a boost in power will love the 362-horsepower provided by the AMG®-infused biturbo V6. Both of these engines feature the latest in direct-injection technology that allows them to maximize the power and energy gained from every single drop of fuel.

To provide you with the classic Mercedes-Benz feel that you've come to know and love, the 2018 SLC features a sport-tuned 4-wheel multilink suspension. This suspension grabs on to every curve and effortlessly glides across any bumps or rough patches in the road to keep you and your passenger comfortable. The AMG® SLC 43 features its own suspension that has a more refined shape made out of more rigid components to give off the feel of a luxury racecar.

2018 SLC Technology

While it may seem like it's always raining here in Seattle, we are lucky enough to experience many days filled with beautiful sunshine. To take full advantage of this, the 2018 SLC features a folding top that will let you and your co-pilot enjoy the light summer breeze during your trips around town, or out to the cabin. Even when the weather starts to cool off, the available AIRSCARF® technology in the 2018 SLC will be able to keep your neck and shoulders warm, as if they were covered by a scarf, so you can keep the top down as summer turns into autumn. There are three different heat settings, and the speed-dependent airflow makes sure you don't get cold.

When the top is up, the MAGIC SKY CONTROL® system, which is exclusive to Mercedes-Benz, by the way, turns the Panorama roof darker or clearer allowing you to see the beautiful night sky, or to keep harmful rays from the sun from entering your cabin. When you want to enjoy the breath-taking view of the night sky, simply press a button and the system will automatically turn the roof transparent by electrically aligning the small particles located in the glass to give you a one-of-a-kind view.